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The Foundation

In 2021 we created K’impact to continue the legacy of our family member, friend and inspiration, Kimberly Cassano, who we lost in June of 2021 to lung cancer. K’impact is a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to a broad variety of initiatives, both lung cancer related, and non-cancer related.  Our charitable initiatives include funding lung cancer research, purchasing public beach access wheelchairs, and providing financial support to organizations and individuals that inspire passionately and maximize K’impact! Although our initiatives are involved in the lung cancer space, lung cancer was only 18 months of Kim’s life. The other 50 years were lived with great passion, purpose and joy. Kim believed that everyone should live this way and make an impact no matter where you come from, or what your situation is. We hope to continue to spread this message within our campaigns through action, and selflessly give those the opportunity to suck the juice out of every fruit that life gives and elevate their quality of life, because that’s how Kim lived hers.

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A Little Bit About Kim

Kimberly Cassano was one of those people that you remember. She was someone who understood that life is a gift, and we should treat it as such. She was someone who expressed her gratitude religiously, in every aspect of life. She was someone who if you happened to spark up a quick conversation with her on the line at Starbucks, you’d walk away from that conversation saying “wow, that woman radiates good energy. I want more of that. I want to go back and order another coffee just to feel that again.”

If you were lucky enough to encounter her energy and spirit just once, you’d better make yourself comfortable and stay awhile. They say that time flies when you’re having fun, and Kim would make a 3 hour conversation feel like five minutes. She would ask you to repeat things you said over and over again, so she could fully understand your perspective and feel it with great empathy.


Negativity didn’t exist in her presence. It was too afraid of her. When she walked into a room, negative energy would run in the opposite direction. Her positivity was too powerful. She carried this positive energy with her everywhere she went, and selflessly gave it to the world in everything she did. She was the world’s spiritual advisor. Someone who believed in being the energy you wish to attract. But not only did she believe in this, she lived it. It was never a question to why she was surrounded by so many good people, and why so many people could never get enough of her.

Everything to Kim was an experience, and she selflessly wanted you to experience life the way she did. Selfless to the fullest extent. If you asked for a bite of her sandwich, she wanted to give you the best bite possible. “Here. Have THAT bite. That’s a GREAT bite.” And for Kim, watching you take that bite gave her just as much enjoyment as anything. 

But above all else, Kimberly Cassano was someone who embodied the true definition of what it means to share your gifts with the world in grand fashion. She was special however, because her gifts involved making others understand what it means to live a truly passionate and fulfilling life. She did this through action. Through finding out what embers exist inside of you, and how you can light those embers into a burning flame that begged to never be put out. The best part about it though was once she helped you find it, she never took the credit- she didn’t need it. She found her happiness in watching you express your fire. Your passions. Your purpose. Because at the end of the day, life is about doing what you love, and loving others. 

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We are all humbled and inspired by Kim. Who she was, and continues to be through the many lives she graciously “K’impacted” during her time here with us. To ensure that even if you never met Kim physically, you would certainly remember her.

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“Be mindful of the energy that you bring into this space.”

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