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“Kimpact” is the noun for an individual or group that inspires with great passion, brings a vision to life, connects people, possibilities, and acts as a catalyst for positive change. Kim loved championing people as they discovered and developed their passion. She believed in the connection between passion, innovation, and impact – and mostly, she believed that every person should find the opportunity to pursue their passion and purpose. Kim’s legacy lives on through the Foundation, with its mission of supporting those in pursuit of their highest potential with the goal of making a Kimpact.

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A Little Bit About Kim

Kim Cassano was unforgettable, she understood that life is a gift, and she expressed her gratitude in every aspect of life. If you were fortunate enough to have a conversation with Kim in line at Starbucks, you would walk away saying “Wow, that woman radiates good energy. I want more of that positivity. I want to go back and order another coffee just to feel that joy again.”

The energy and spirit of Kim was infectious. The phrase “time flies when you are having fun” is a perfect description of a conversation with Kim. A three-hour conversation would feel like five minutes. Kim would ask many questions and it was not to be intrusive but to understand your perspective and feelings. In return, Kim would feel and embrace your happiness or empathize with your hardship. In a nutshell, we loved Kim and know that you would have loved her too. Our mission is to share Kim’s love for life and to K’impact you.


Negativity did not exist in Kim’s presence. In fact, negativity was afraid of Kim. When Kim walked into a room, negative energy would run in the opposite direction because her positivity was too powerful. Kim carried this positive energy with her everywhere she went. The laws of attraction worked for Kim and she was surrounded with so much love from family, friends, colleagues, and strangers. Our world was K’impacted with Kim’s spirituality and positivity and our mission is to give you the same feeling we were graciously given by Kim.

Everything Kim did was an experience and she selflessly wanted you to experience life the way she experienced life. If you asked Kim for a bite of her sandwich, she would give you the best bite possible and say “Here. Have THAT bite. That’s a GREAT bite.” Watching you take that bite gave Kim just as much enjoyment as eating that delicious sandwich herself.


Kim was someone who embodied the true definition of what it means to share your gifts with the world. Kim was special in many ways but one outstanding gift of hers was making others understand what it meant to live a passionate and fulfilling life. Through Kim’s actions, she would find what embers existed inside of you and how you could light those embers into a flame that could not be extinguished. Kim was your cheerleader and gave you the confidence to live your most authentic and passionate life. To be K’impacted is to love your life and love others.

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We are all humbled and inspired by Kim. Who she was, and continues to be through the many lives she graciously “K’impacted” during her time here with us. To ensure that even if you never met Kim physically, you would certainly remember her.

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