Nicky Cass 5k Challenge

Once again, NICKY CASS has teamed up with Kimpact Foundation logo web to raise money for our charity.

Kimpact Foundation

Thank you to all those that participated in our 5K fundraiser! We had the privilege of handing Dr. Mao a check for $5,000 to go towards the integrated medicine program Memorial Sloan Kettering.  Cancer patients can now go to these facilities and receive all sorts of treatment correlating to mindfulness, fitness, meditation, and wellness.  These facilities are a direct result of YOUR help raising money and participating in the the Nicky Cass 5K Challenge over the last two years. Thank you so much.

Collectively the @kimpactfoundation have raised over $100k to this program.

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Our Mission

We create fundraising campaigns and events that connect people, possibilities, and act as catalysts for positive change. We support lung cancer related and non-cancer related recipients that maximize impact, bring a vision to life, and inspire with great passion.

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Get Involved

What can you do to get more involved?  There are many ways to participate in our foundation.  Send a message to get involved. 

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