Kimpact was proud to donate $4,000 in scholarships in 2023.

New for 2024, Kimpact will be granting $5,000 in new programs.

Nicky Cass 5k Challenge

Once again, NICKY CASS has teamed up with Kimpact Foundation logo web to raise money for our charity.

Kimpact Foundation

K’impact was created in 2021 to continue the legacy of our family member, friend, and inspiration, Kim Cassano, who we lost in June 2021 to lung cancer. K’impact is a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit and provides financial assistance to a broad variety of initiatives, both lung cancer related, and non-lung cancer related.  Our charitable initiatives include funding lung cancer research and quality of life initiatives, purchasing adaptive wheelchairs, and providing financial support to organizations and individuals that connect people, possibilities and are catalysts for positive change.  Kim’s life, even during her lung cancer diagnosis, was lived with great passion, purpose, and joy. Kim believed everyone should live their life to the fullest, dream big, and be passionate in everything they do in life. Our mission is to share Kim’s love for life, family, and friends through our fundraising efforts and campaigns.

@kimpactfoundation has raised over $150,000 and our K’impact can be seen here.

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Our Mission

K’impact’s mission is to lead and partner with organizations to create fundraising campaigns and events that provide financial support to organizations and individuals that bring a vision to life, connect people, possibilities, and are catalysts for positive change.

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Get Involved

What can you do to get more involved?  There are many ways to participate in our foundation.  Send a message to get involved. 

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